Do you book with more than one person? We make sure that you are always together in the group. Unless you don't want that 😛
You have to be able to swim. A swimming diploma is mandatory. Based on our own experience, we advise children under the age of 6 not to surf, as this is usually perceived as negative.
If you come with a small group then 3 days in advance is usually soon enough. sooner is of course always better 😉
Yes, there are. We always ensure that beginners and advanced surfers are in separate lessons.
You can pay in cash or by card at the surf school.
It depends on how good you want to be 😉. After 3 surfing lessons, you have a good understanding of the basic rules of surfing. There is much to learn while surfing, so check out our offers: we offer 3, 5 and 10 lesson packages.