Ain't no Party like a Surfing Party!

Best Brithday ever!

Parents join free to assist

1.5 h lesson

Surf diploma at the end

Cos a Surfing Party won't stop!


Surf on your birthday with us.

Take your friends and familie surfing on your birthday and enjoy a day at the beach.

Riding waves with a smile on your face.

We also offer Bodyboarding, Skimboarding and Stand Up Paddling.


Score a free Surf Diploma at the end of the lesson.

Plan your Birthday with us

Create your own day program for your birthday or let us show you a few options

Combine surfing with another beach activity like volleyball or beach soccer.

What else?

Lunch, Skimboarding, and more.


  So much fun

  1.5 h lesson 

   Combine with other activities 

   & Much more