What is SUP or Stand Up Paddling?

Stand Up Paddling or in short SUP is standing on a "big surfboard" with a paddle in your hand. This way you move forward on the water surface. It is the easiest on a flat water surface but for the experienced SUPer it is also possible to surf waves on a SUP. You should try it out once.

Do I need a Class?

The basics of Stand Up Paddling are very easy to learn. We give you a quick but informative introduction and then you are ready to try out yourself.


SUP RENTAL €15/hour

this includes the SUP Board + Paddle


A wetsuit for a full day is €15

Full Day SUPPING €59

SUP until you DROP! A full day of SUPPING. Our opening hours are 10:00 - 18:00 however, opening times can change due to weather conditions please talk to us on the chosen day